Weekend Project: CNC Plasma Cutter Mount

Hello Maker Friends,
We are busy building a few new machines and printing products for a few new customers and wanted to take a moment to post a few more passes of one of our newest machines. This video shows a few passes of a quick plasma cutter mount that we used to turn our machine into a CNC plasma cutter. Throughout the process, we solved a few random fault issues that we were experiencing between our Gecko G540 unit and Mach3. As it turns out, the random fault issue turned out to be a simple fix by increasing the debounce setting of 1000. Just in case you run into similar issues, other folks have also stated that activating the “Sherline” mode in Mach 3 also helps dealing with a system with a good bit of noise. We have been lucky enough to avoid using the “Sherline” setting as we are not using that configuration however, by increasing the debounce value to 1000 we eliminated any random faults that were experienced with our newest machine.

Hope to have some longer videos of our newest Dreamcaster 3000 machines later this year. In the meantime, good luck on your next build and we also hope to post some of our 3D printing study later this month. As a preview, over the last 6 month – members of our team have been conducting professional studies focused on optimizing tensile strength using the various 3D printing setting available in the latest slicing engines.

Thanks for viewing and good luck on your next build.

– Aaron & Louis

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