Stronger 3D Printed Parts. Improve Tensile Strengh

Are you interested in improving the tensile strength of your 3D printed parts?

If you are interested in some of our team’s independent research on this topic, please take a moment to read our paper, entitled Effect of 3D Printing Build Parameters on Tensile Strength posted to the AaronLouis Technology research page. This paper summarizes a 4-5 month effort focused on printing several different filaments and experimenting with different combinations of printer software configurations, extruder settings, build plate configurations, firmware settings, Slic3r settings, extruder feed gear and tubing challenges, nozzle wear characteristics, first layer adhesion results, as well as several additional printer calibration settings. Additionally, this paper also helps summarize a portion of our team’s effort focused on using a non-industrial grade 3D printer to print advanced printer filaments – one of which was fiberglass-reinforced Ultem, donated by Arevo labs to support this research project. This paper ends with summarizing a portion of our team’s results regarding the optimal raster angle, infill pattern, print speed, layer height, and much more.

Thanks again for checking out our site and we hope to have our industrial grade 3D printer kickstarter ready for release by November 2016!

We appreciate all the support thus far.

Aaron & Louis



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