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Have you ever wanted to create something within a 3D environment and accompanying professional drawing package? If so, AaronLouis offers several design packages for makers, harry home owners, and other professionals looking for thier own 3D drawing and supporting drawing package. This service is perfect for folks who want to begin designing a product but do not wish to invest massive amounts of time learning 3D design software (I.e. CAD) and/or CAM.

Our package includes following components and are all included within our single labor rate.

1. Supporting CAD file(s)
2. Custom 3D Animation of your design for websites and/or clients
3. Supporting drawing package that provides a formalized design booklet. Which includes several views - top, side, left, and right are included at a minimum.
4. Image files and supporting animation files that are perfect for powerpoint slides, logo development, and/or any other type of presentations.
5. Supporting .STL files, if needed

Please feel free to email us at if your are interested in this service.

Most drawing packages and initial 3D animations can be developed only a few days after meeting with the customer.

If email is not your preferred contact method, please feel free to schedule a free consultation using the form below. Once we have an idea how complex your design is, we will provide you with a price quote.


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AaronLouis does NOT take any form of ownership of your submitted design(s). We simply want to help people bring their ideas into the real world and provide our customers with an affordable rapid prototyping alternative.