Industrial Grade 3D Printer: Closed Loop (CL) 1720

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We are proud to offer the first closed loop 3D printer base on 100% open source software. The Closed Loop (CL) 1720 is a very strong, reliable system built on an extremely rigid extruded aluminum frame. Additionally, the CL1720 is based off of robust and proven open-source software that is 100% free and open to the 3D printing community.

Typically, closed loop systems that are included on a small group of very expensive 3D printers, or CNC machines, do not allow for software upgrades past what the company owning the software allows. With the AaronLouis CL1720 and Open Loop (OP)1720 systems, the software running these industrial grade printers is completely free and adjustable.

The standard versions of the CL1720 are designed to push 3D printing past rapid prototyping. This goal is achieved by expanding customer filament options to anything that can be extruded within the 400 deg c. extruder nozzle and 300 deg c. hotbed temperature range. This very wide temperature range allows for virtually every filament option to be available for use.

In addition, the extruders that are included as part of the CL1720 and OP1720 systems are based on an all metal design along with a stainless steel drive gear that is powered by NEMA11 motors that are 13x the torque of standard NEMA11 motors. This advanced extruder design, combined with a low-profile, removable hotbed design that is based on two pieces of .25″ thick 6061 aluminum plates is extremely durable and is ready for extended use.

This hotbed comes with three high-temperature, low profile heater elements that are capable of reaching temperatures at 300 deg c. Finally, the hotbed is driven by a 16MM ballscrew drive to increase accuracy and extended durability. This ballscrew configuration is powered by a high-torque (400 oz/in) NEMA 23 stepper motor. This system was intentionally over-engineered to improve system reliability, durability, and allow for worry-free printing.

We are excited to offer the first  turn key, industrial grade 3D printer that also includes 100% open source software. The following video provides an example of how closed loop motor control allows for continued prints, even when you push the extruder completely away from the object being printed. We do not recommend attempting this demonstration with any other printer as this video is simply designed to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of the AaronLouis CL1720 system.

The following video provides an example of a CL1720 test system during operation.

In addition, we have provided the following table of printer capabilities and features for ease of comparison when comparing to other systems on the market.Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions regarding the OL1720 or CL1720 systems.

Frame and Structure:
100% Extruded Aluminum Body (5mm Series)
100% Aluminum Adjustment Knobs
100% 5052 Alumin Sheet Body Panels
Overall Dimensions: 31.5″(L) x 25″(W) x 28″(H)
Extruded aluminum design ensures stiff and straight frame alignment that resists heat exposure and will not warp
Rigid LED light in aluminum housing (4W LED Light Bar in Aluminum Housing 12V-24V 18x 5050 LED Chip 300mm=12″)
Linear Drive and Motors:
Y Axis Motor: NEMA 23 High Torque Motor (400
Y Axis Linear Drive: 16mm Ball Screw and Hardened Steel Linear Rails
X and Z Axis (Dual) Motors: NEMA 17 Dual Shaft Motors (64
X and Z Axis Linear Drive: GT2 Timing Belt and Extruded Alimunm Ball-Bearing Carriage System
Extruder (High Temp):
All metal, high-torque, dual-extruder that supports reliabe and continuous printing up to 400 deg c.
Extremely fast and flexible print filament capability (anything up to 400 deg c.)
Materials: Red anodize Aluminum 6061-T651 housing, Stainless Steel 304 hobbed gear and Brass nozzle
Motor: Nema 11 with 1:13 planetary reduction gearbox for significant torque enhancement
Reliable design: Small but powerful 1:13 planetary geared motor equipped with a 304 stainless steel hobbed gear
Test proven with PLA, ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, Carbon PLA, HIPS, Ninjaflex and PVA, PEEK, PEI
Filament size: 1.75mm
Available nozzles diameter: 0.35mm and 0.5mm.
Build Volume:
12″ X 12″ x 12″
Controller Board:
Rambo v1.3
Fully Open Source, Marlin based
Closed loop motor controller for every axis
Removable 6061 Billet Aluminum Hot Bed (two pieces of .25″ aluminum with embedded heater elements)
Aluminum design consistent heat distribution while also eliminating warping
Redundent heater element design that uses three embedded 350 Watt, 1″ X 1.5″, Strip Heaters (120VAC)
Capabile of temperature ranges up to 400 deg c.
Built-in Autolevel capability with integrated proximity sensor
Power Supply:
120V AC and heavy duty power supply cable
24V 14.5A 350W Regulated Switching Power Supply

Thanks for checking out AaronLouis Technology and we hope you consider our Industrial Grade 3D Printers.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 25 x 28 x 31.5 in