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Affordable and fast. That is what AaronLouis 3D Printing services is all about. We simply want to help build your projects as accurately and efficiently as possible. Please feel free to request a quote by emailing us at Makerone@aaronlouistech.com

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Customized Filaments

Let our Additive Manufacturing engineers help determine the optimal filament, or material combinations, that will best support your needs. We can even support PEEK, Ultem, and much more!

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3D Drawing Services

If your next project requires 3D drawings or drawings converted to an .STL file or G-code, please email us at Makerone@Aaronlouistech.com. We will coordinate a free, one-time consultation to discuss a plan for the way forward.

3D Drawing Services

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Dreamcaster Build Complete!

After a year’s worth of work, blood, sweat, bolts, and a ton of wiring harnesses, our newest machine named Dreamcaster is finished. We have packed in the ability to mill, print, and plasma on much larger scales and with the Luminar print head – our 3D print material selection has also expanded. Thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts and it is great to have a community of makers to work with.

Check out a some Google+ DIY CNC Community Buzz.

Aaron & Louis

Temperature Controller Installation

Hello Makers,

Yesterday marked another big day for Aaron & Louis, as we completely the installation of our Gnexlab contoller. If you are thinking of converting your CNC machine into a 3D printer, a temperature controller is critical to monitor and maintain consistent temperature as the filament is extruded. In our case, we are using a rather large and high temperature extruder for printing more complex materials (I.e. carbon fiber) and are also using a hotbed to control cooling as the printed filament is likely to change shape due to drastic changes in temperature.

Please take a look at our fabricated enclosure that contains the Gnexab controller and feel free to ask questions if you are working to do the same thing.


Aaron & Louis



3D Printer Assembly and Customized Wiring Harnesses

Hello Makers and Fabrication Enthusiasts,

Please take a look at the new AaronLouis, Dreamcaster 3000, 3D printer which offers a 4′ X 6′ x 10″ print area. In addition, this 3D printing setup can also print complex materials such as thermoplastics and even carbon fiber! We are so excited to be able to make this upgrade and offer our customers a much wider array of affordable advanced materials – at a website where you can even get some videos of your parts being made (if you want them).

Other than that, we are moving even closer to our completion date with a successful integration of 3D printing, milling, and the newly added plasma cutting capability. Stay tuned for other AaronLouis project information as the year moves forward.

Thanks again and keep making awesome things!

Aaron & Louis