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Affordable and fast. That is what AaronLouis 3D Printing services is all about. We simply want to help build your projects as accurately and efficiently as possible. Please feel free to request a quote by emailing us at Makerone@aaronlouistech.com

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Let our Additive Manufacturing engineers help determine the optimal filament, or material combinations, that will best support your needs. We can even support PEEK, Ultem, and much more!

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If your next project requires 3D drawings or drawings converted to an .STL file or G-code, please email us at Makerone@Aaronlouistech.com. We will coordinate a free, one-time consultation to discuss a plan for the way forward.

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Recent Posts

CNC: Weekend Project Milling Fun

Hello Makers,
My apologies for the delayed post, it has been a very busy couple of months at my “real” job and have not had much time to actually mill. With that in mind, I thought it would be good to post a few passes of a beer six pack holder that we are making as family Christmas gifts. This video just shows a few minutes of the milling and we are more than happy to share the build plans if folks are interested. All you need is a few pieces of .25″ and .5″ material. Hope you enjoy!


Aaron & Louis

3D Printing Carbon Fiber Filament

Hello Maker Friends,
Today marks another significant day for AaronLouis as we finished up the high temperature modifications required to print carbon fiber based filaments. We started with a CTC machine and completed the modifications to allow for much higher temperatures than what are typically required for basic PLA and ABS prints. These modifications now allow our team to print much higher strength and much more complex carbon fiber based filaments as well as complex thermoplastics. Advanced printing filaments have expanded our capability to rapidly generate high definition parts for our customers, all without the need for expensive tooling requirements. Please check out the short video of our carbon fiber calibration blocks. We will certainly be posting longer, more-detailed videos as we setup our other machines.

Thanks for reading.

Aaron & Louis

Power Supply Fun – Ensure Your Machine Has Adequate Amperage

Hello Maker friends,
This week, Louis and I encountered a few problems with our machine tripping, or requesting E-Stops, during complex build and print cycles. After conducting a good bit of analysis, analyzing the circuitry of the system, and confirming that we had solid ground connections, the problem was traced back to a rather simple cause – insufficient amperage generated from our 48v power supply.

Considering what we have learned through this experience, we thought it would be beneficial to post out a fix to our problem. If you are building a large machine that includes more than three stepper motors, we recommend purchasing a non-switching power supply that supplies adequate amperage during cycles where all of your axis’s are moving. Without adequate amperage being supplied to each of the stepper motors, your machine will likely begin to trip or request E-stops because the motors simply will not have adequate power flowing from the power supply to feed the requested movement of all the axis.

In addition, our setup using a Gecko G540 which has a (50v limit) however the amperage required for our moderate sized 380 oz/in stepper motors is much higher than the approximate 7A provided by most typical 48v DIY CNC power supplies. If you encounter this issue when building your machine, we recommend purchasing the 48v, 12.5A power supply from CNCRouterParts.com

Hope this helps and thanks for reading.
Aaron & Louis