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Affordable and fast. That is what AaronLouis 3D Printing services is all about. We simply want to help build your projects as accurately and efficiently as possible. Please feel free to request a quote by emailing us at Makerone@aaronlouistech.com

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Let our Additive Manufacturing engineers help determine the optimal filament, or material combinations, that will best support your needs. We can even support PEEK, Ultem, and much more!

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If your next project requires 3D drawings or drawings converted to an .STL file or G-code, please email us at Makerone@Aaronlouistech.com. We will coordinate a free, one-time consultation to discuss a plan for the way forward.

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New 3D Printer: Open Source & Closed Loop Motor Control

After three years of development, we are proud to offer the first 100% open source and closed loop 3D printer. The Closed Loop (CL) 1720 is a very strong, reliable system built on an extremely rigid extruded aluminum frame. Additionally, the CL1720 is based off of robust and proven open-source software that is 100% free and open to the 3D printing community. Typically, closed loop systems that are included on 3D printer or CNC machines are very expensive and do not allow for software upgrades past what the company owning the software allows. With the AaronLouis CL1720 and Open Loop (OP)1720 systems, the software running these industrial grade printers is completely free.

The standard versions of the CL1720 aand OP1720 systems were designed to push 3D printing past rapid prototyping. This goal is achieved by expanding customer filament options to anything that can be extruded within the 315 deg c. extruder nozzle and 648 deg c. hotbed temperature range. Our high temperature versions of the CL1720 and OP1720 systems are capable of extruding at temperatures above 400 deg c. This very wide temperature range allows for virtually every filament option to be available.

In addition, the extruders that are included as part of the CL1720 and OP1720 systems are based on an all metal design along with a stainless steel drive gear that is powered by NEMA11 motors that are 13x the torque of standard NEMA11 motors. This advanced extruder design, combined with a low-profile, removable hotbed design that is based on two pieces of .25″ thick 6061 aluminum plates is extremely durable and is ready for extended use. This hotbed comes with three high-temperature, low profile heater elements that are capable of reaching temperatures at 648 deg c. Finally, the hotbed is driven by a 16MM ballscrew drive to increase accuracy and extended durability. This ballscrew configuration is powered by a high-torque (400oz/in) NEMA 23 stepper motor. This system was intentionally over-engineered to improve system reliability, durability, and allow for worry-free printing.

We are excited to offer the first open source, closed loop 3D printer that is completely turn-key. The following video provides an example of how closed loop motor control allows for continued prints, even when you push the extruder completely away from the object being printed. We do not recommend attempting this demonstration with any printer, this video is simply designed to demonstrate the accuracy and reliability of the CL1720 system.

If you are interested in the OL1720 or the CL1720, please keep an eye on our website as the Kickstarter video is nearing completion. Estimated launch planned for April 2017.

Thanks again for checking out our site!

Aaron & Louis

Stronger 3D Printed Parts. Improve Tensile Strengh

Are you interested in improving the tensile strength of your 3D printed parts?

If you are interested in some of our team’s independent research on this topic, please take a moment to read our paper, entitled Effect of 3D Printing Build Parameters on Tensile Strength posted to the AaronLouis Technology research page. This paper summarizes a 4-5 month effort focused on printing several different filaments and experimenting with different combinations of printer software configurations, extruder settings, build plate configurations, firmware settings, Slic3r settings, extruder feed gear and tubing challenges, nozzle wear characteristics, first layer adhesion results, as well as several additional printer calibration settings. Additionally, this paper also helps summarize a portion of our team’s effort focused on using a non-industrial grade 3D printer to print advanced printer filaments – one of which was fiberglass-reinforced Ultem, donated by Arevo labs to support this research project. This paper ends with summarizing a portion of our team’s results regarding the optimal raster angle, infill pattern, print speed, layer height, and much more.

Thanks again for checking out our site and we hope to have our industrial grade 3D printer kickstarter ready for release by November 2016!

We appreciate all the support thus far.

Aaron & Louis



Aluminum Arms Price Cut!

Want to turn your existing printer into a machine that can print high temp materials? Or are you tired of stock printer arms warping?

If so, go completely aluminum with our custom aluminum 3D printer arm kit! These arms are super strong, durable, are completely customizable for whatever hotbed you choose!

With aluminum arms, your options of high temp hotbeds and printing high temp materials significantly expands.

We are offering our 3D printer aluminum arms and bed assembly for only $75.00. This limited time price cut includes shipping within the U.S.

Our aluminum arm kit is delivered completely assembled, made completely from high grade aluminum, and drops right into your existing printer. Please checkout our Product page for more information.

Thanks again for all the support thus far and we hope to have our advanced materials 3D printer ready for release later this year.

Aaron & Louis