3D Printing Carbon Fiber Filament

Hello Maker Friends,
Today marks another significant day for AaronLouis as we finished up the high temperature modifications required to print carbon fiber based filaments. We started with a CTC machine and completed the modifications to allow for much higher temperatures than what are typically required for basic PLA and ABS prints. These modifications now allow our team to print much higher strength and much more complex carbon fiber based filaments as well as complex thermoplastics. Advanced printing filaments have expanded our capability to rapidly generate high definition parts for our customers, all without the need for expensive tooling requirements. Please check out the short video of our carbon fiber calibration blocks. We will certainly be posting longer, more-detailed videos as we setup our other machines.

Thanks for reading.

Aaron & Louis

Power Supply Fun – Ensure Your Machine Has Adequate Amperage

Hello Maker friends,
This week, Louis and I encountered a few problems with our machine tripping, or requesting E-Stops, during complex build and print cycles. After conducting a good bit of analysis, analyzing the circuitry of the system, and confirming that we had solid ground connections, the problem was traced back to a rather simple cause – insufficient amperage generated from our 48v power supply.

Considering what we have learned through this experience, we thought it would be beneficial to post out a fix to our problem. If you are building a large machine that includes more than three stepper motors, we recommend purchasing a non-switching power supply that supplies adequate amperage during cycles where all of your axis’s are moving. Without adequate amperage being supplied to each of the stepper motors, your machine will likely begin to trip or request E-stops because the motors simply will not have adequate power flowing from the power supply to feed the requested movement of all the axis.

In addition, our setup using a Gecko G540 which has a (50v limit) however the amperage required for our moderate sized 380 oz/in stepper motors is much higher than the approximate 7A provided by most typical 48v DIY CNC power supplies. If you encounter this issue when building your machine, we recommend purchasing the 48v, 12.5A power supply from CNCRouterParts.com

Hope this helps and thanks for reading.
Aaron & Louis

Dreamcaster Build Complete!

After a year’s worth of work, blood, sweat, bolts, and a ton of wiring harnesses, our newest machine named Dreamcaster is finished. We have packed in the ability to mill, print, and plasma on much larger scales and with the Luminar print head – our 3D print material selection has also expanded. Thanks to everyone who has supported our efforts and it is great to have a community of makers to work with.

Check out a some Google+ DIY CNC Community Buzz.

Aaron & Louis

Temperature Controller Installation

Hello Makers,

Yesterday marked another big day for Aaron & Louis, as we completely the installation of our Gnexlab contoller. If you are thinking of converting your CNC machine into a 3D printer, a temperature controller is critical to monitor and maintain consistent temperature as the filament is extruded. In our case, we are using a rather large and high temperature extruder for printing more complex materials (I.e. carbon fiber) and are also using a hotbed to control cooling as the printed filament is likely to change shape due to drastic changes in temperature.

Please take a look at our fabricated enclosure that contains the Gnexab controller and feel free to ask questions if you are working to do the same thing.


Aaron & Louis



3D Printer Assembly and Customized Wiring Harnesses

Hello Makers and Fabrication Enthusiasts,

Please take a look at the new AaronLouis, Dreamcaster 3000, 3D printer which offers a 4′ X 6′ x 10″ print area. In addition, this 3D printing setup can also print complex materials such as thermoplastics and even carbon fiber! We are so excited to be able to make this upgrade and offer our customers a much wider array of affordable advanced materials – at a website where you can even get some videos of your parts being made (if you want them).

Other than that, we are moving even closer to our completion date with a successful integration of 3D printing, milling, and the newly added plasma cutting capability. Stay tuned for other AaronLouis project information as the year moves forward.

Thanks again and keep making awesome things!

Aaron & Louis


DreamCaster 3000 Nearing Completion

As of August 29th, the DreamCaster 3000 build is nearing completion. This project will include 3D milling and printing and 2D plasma cutting capabilities all on one machine. In addition, this machine incorporates the latest in 3D printing capabilities with Luminar technology’s print head. Looking forward to finishing this project up by this September!

Please feel free to comment or ask about the build, we are always excited to talk about anything related to CNC and printing.


Aaron & Louis

3D Print, Plasma, and Mill!

Good morning to the AaronLouismaker community!

We are so happy to announce that AaronLouistech is nearing the final stages of integrated 3D printing, milling, and 2D plasma cutting for industrial purposes. From complex architectural models that can be controlled via Android or Apple applications, to any 3D concept you can imagine, we can help create your latest build or provide a much more cost effective option for selling large quantities of items. We even provide file conversion support go users without full versions of CAD or CAM software packages.

If interested please visit the “price quote” page to request a quote which will be returned within 12 hours of the time of submission! We are striving to make your business awesome with actual, cost effective products.

Thanks again and more to come.

Aaron & Louis

Aaron Louis Technology

Aaron Louis Technology Preparing To Go Live in 2014

The owners of AaronLouis technology are proud to provide customers with the ability to generate CNC milling, plasma cutting, and 3D printing projects. Our primary focus is affordability and transparency, we want every customer to fully understand how your product was built, how we conduct pricing and customer billing, and how we can help to positively impact other small businesses looking for CNC solutions.

Each of the owners are avid makers who simply want to ensure that customers receive the highest customer service, quality products, and that they have been designed and developed using a environmentally and monetarily mindset. Our business started from helping others design, produce, and debug projects in addition to our pure passion for making stuff!

Please consider the AaronLouis Technology Group as a potential vendor when developing your next project. We would be extremely excited to provide a quick-turnaround price quotation along with answering any questions you may have.

Thanks for visiting our site and promoting the AaronLouis brand, we sincerely appreciate it!

Nicholas A. Lanham & David L. Edelen III


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