Aluminum Arms Price Cut!

Want to turn your existing printer into a machine that can print high temp materials? Or are you tired of stock printer arms warping?

If so, go completely aluminum with our custom aluminum 3D printer arm kit! These arms are super strong, durable, are completely customizable for whatever hotbed you choose!

With aluminum arms, your options of high temp hotbeds and printing high temp materials significantly expands.

We are offering our 3D printer aluminum arms and bed assembly for only $75.00. This limited time price cut includes shipping within the U.S.

Our aluminum arm kit is delivered completely assembled, made completely from high grade aluminum, and drops right into your existing printer. Please checkout ourĀ Product pageĀ for more information.

Thanks again for all the support thus far and we hope to have our advanced materials 3D printer ready for release later this year.

Aaron & Louis

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