Aluminum 3D Printer Z Axis Arms

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We recently finished up designing and building a new set of aluminum 3D Printer Z Axis arms that can be quickly installed on Replicator-type machines. During our time building and using 3D printers, we have experienced the agony generated by loss of dimensional accuracy and resolution that comes with warping or sagging Z Axis arms and/or build plates. Considering that most 3D printer setups come with Z Axis stages that are made out of plastic and/or wood, we wanted to design an all-aluminum set of 3D printer Z Axis arms and build plate support in order to significantly increase the accuracy and life span of your 3D Printer. As folks dive deeper into 3D printing, frequent use combined with printing alternative materials that may require higher heat bed and extruder temperatures will take their toll on plastic Z axis arms as well as other wood support structures. We wanted to provide a few example photos taken from one of our prototype machines when working to print a few higher temperature materials.


Even though these photos show the worst case scenario of extended, high-temperature exposure on 3D Printer arms and hot bed structures, most 3D printer setups are impacted by warping arms over time. In order to combat the effects of warping and sagging, the maker community typically resolves to 3D Printer arm stiffner setups that still rely on existing plastic arms and do not offer support for the wood and/or plastic platform that the hotbed sits on.

In contrast to the photos shown above, our recently released all-aluminum 3D Printer Z Axis Arm kit has been designed with repeated use, modularity, and ease of installation in mind. If you are interested in minimizing 3D Printer Z axis warping, please consider checking out our 3D Printer Z Axis Aluminum Arm kit. Our aluminum 3D printer arms are shipped as a complete, assembled-kit with extruded aluminum arms, Z Axis nuts, linear bearings, and is made out of 16 gauge, 5052 aluminum in order to ensure a completely stiff alternative to wood or plastic assemblies provided with most stock 3D print-beds—as 5052 aluminum is frequently used within architectural and heat-exchanger applications and is alloyed with magnesium and chromium.

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This kit is shipped as a 100% assembled unit and is ready to be integrated onto your existing 3D printer system. In addition, the unit has been designed with modularity in mind and allows for users to quickly integrate other components onto the common 5 Series, 20mm x 20mm aluminum extrusion frame. The completed unit weighs ~54.2 grams, or .116 lbs, and has overall dimensions of 293.25mm x 228.6mm x 114.3mm, or 11.5″ x 9″ x 4.5.”

If you are interested in purchasing a set of all aluminum 3D Printer Z Axis arms from AaronLouis Technologies, please stop by our website at

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Aaron & Louis

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